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Commercial Use Licensing for Shadowbox Templates


Applies only to certain templates – Please read to see if you need this license.

Digital Download


What’s Included

This is the commercial license permission that is necessary to make and sell SOME papercut SHADOWBOXES created from templates by Paper Ink and Knife.

This does NOT include the template. You will need to purchase the template separately.
The download is a text file with the license permissions.

Please read the product description of the Shadowbox you are buying. Some include commercial use without extra licensing necessary. Sorry it’s confusing! Message me if you’re not sure.

This license applies to ONE of the following templates only. You may choose which it applies to, but you need to purchase a separate license for each shadowbox you intend to sell.

Heart shadowbox
Rose Shadowbox
Mandala Shadowbox
Mandala 3 Shadowbox
Hildies Garden Shadowbox
Snowman Shadowbox
Mountains Shadowbox
4 Leaf Clover Shadowbox
Teacher Apple Shadowbox
Fairy Cottage Shadowbox
Swans Shadowbox
or any other personal use shadowbox in my shop.

Currently we’re operating on the honor system. No license police here.
Thanks for being honest.

This is NOT for regular one layer papercutting templates. Most of my templates are already licensed for commercial use (so there is no need for you to buy this).

By purchasing this shadow box license you agree to the following:

What the license says…

By purchasing this small business license you are given the rights to sell the products that you create from a papercut shadowbox template purchased from aka Rebecka Hathaway.

You may:
Cut out and sell up to 200 items.
You may determine the price of the items you are selling.
You may resize to your desired size.
You may cut by hand, machine or laser and use the materials of your choice.

You may not:
Sell the digital files.
Sell kits that others will assemble either pre-cut or printed. (If you intend to use these for a class, please contact rebeckahathaway [!at] to discuss)
Photograph the finished item and sell prints.

Please PLEASE give credit to the artist on the back of the finished item.
Design created by Paper Ink and Knife

Thanks for purchasing and agreeing to these terms.
Rebecka Hathaway

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