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I love paper.
I love drawing and doodling.
I love cutting paper into designs.

I want you to love paper too. And coloring and making pretty things.

Everyone is an artist. Let’s be artists together.

Hey there!
I’m Rebecka Hathaway
I live in a little yellow house in the middle of a field with my crew of 3 hairy dogs.

We spend our days drawing, cutting and going for walkies. It’s pretty great.

I’ve been a paper cutter for a very long time. Computers and the internet make it possible for me to share my craft and knowledge with all of the world.
It’s pretty great.

I invite you to download a free file or two to try out my designs.
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IN 2016 I was approached by the lovely folks at Cricut to create some paper cutting designs for Design Space. They sent me an Explore Air to play with and test my files and I have used it ever since to test the files that I sell to Cricut and other cutting machine users. I upgraded to a Maker in 2020 and I love it too.


Do I still cut by hand? Yes. It’s relaxing and takes me to my zen place. Let’s be honest, I like to draw things that the machines just can’t do and can only be cut by hand.



My experience with the vinyl side of things…
I’ve been a sign maker for 30 years. I started with hand lettering, then 2o years ago opened a sign shop cutting vinyl for vehicles and selling finished signs.
I’ve been working digitally for many years, selling my files and I still letter a truck or two once in a while.

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