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Layered Paper Ornaments How To

Oh my word! I am obsessed with these!
Multi-layered paper ornaments are the bomb and super easy to make. I’m not kidding.
They look complicated and hard to do and so intimidating, but in reality they are not. I’m going to break it down here for you so you can make some for yourself.

Let’s start with the heart shape:

Pretty pink and white layers
Pretty Pink and White Layers

Isn’t it pretty!!!!
First you need a template. Visit my Etsy shop and find one that you love. Could be this pretty heart, could be something else. They all go together the same.
You’ll need:
Card Stock: 65 lb is my favorite for machine cutting. Make sure it’s solid core. I have an entire post on papers that I use for intricate cuts. You can find it here.
Double sided foam mounting tape: I buy it from Dollar Tree, Amazon or even the grocery store. Look for some that is thicker if you want more depth between the layers.
Craft glue: Sometimes that tiny little final layer is too small for the tape dots. Elmers, Ailene’s or your favorite glue stick will do it.
Download and cut with either your machine or by hand.
In this tutorial, I’m assuming you have already cut your layers and you are ready to put this pretty baby together.
Let’s do it!

All of my ornaments go together the same way. Some have a definite top like this one, some don’t.
Some have a hole at the top for stringing. Make sure you align your elements so that both sides will line up.

Heart ornament – two sides cut, placed in order and ready to assemble.
Double sided sticky foam tape cut into smaller pieces.

2-Turn the layers over so the biggest layer is on the top.
Flip the biggest bottom layer over (right side up) and set it to the side.
Stick 4 – 5 pieces of tape to the back of the second layer. as in the photo.

Put the foam tape on the BACK of the layers.

3- Carefully hold the second layer over the bottom layer, align the sides and the center hole(s).
When it’s all aligned, press down and move it to the side.

On to the next layer

and the layer after that….
and the layer after that…
same story different layer

Once you reach the top smaller pieces, there aren’t alignment holes in the center.
Line up the outer edges so they are all even.

The top layer is usually very small and has skinny little lines. You can use itsy bitsy pieces of tape or simply glue this layer to the one below.
Tip: When gluing this final layer, I have found it easier to glue it to the layer below before taping the layer below to the stack.

It’s so little! And blurry!
Ta Da! One side down, one to go.

Assemble the second side the same way.
After both sides are completed, put tape on the back of one of the sides – you may opt to use glue for this too.
Then carefully align the holes and scallops and press together.

Using the flat of your hand, press them firmly together.

Now is a good time to make sure it’s all lined up and as perfect as it can be. Look for obvious alingment issues.
Check for pieces of tape sticking out where they are not wanted.

To hang your masterpiece, use thread, a ribbon or string and thread it through the hole at the top.
This ornament is pretty with a tassel on the bottom too.

Thanks for supporting me and my paper obsession. I hope you make a ton of these and have a ton of fun doing it.

Please share! Sharing my designs in your groups and with friends is so appreciated.

It's Rebecka Hathaway

It's Rebecka Hathaway

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Kidnapped at a very early age and forced to live among humans, I’m on a continued quest to return to the magical world from whence I came.
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I’m sitting here in my little house drawing and doing geeky computer stuff to share with you so you can make pretty things too
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