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A Sweet Little Freebie just because

I attended a family reunion this summer – just like everybody does every summer.
It’s sad to see the older folks getting old and it seems like every year we have lost an uncle or an aunt so the family gathering is kind of bitter sweet.

Mostly sweet, though because the Hathaways are good people and the memories, laughter and stories flow like Mt. Dew. (Dew is a Hathaway thing.)

We have a raffle as part of the entertainment to raise funds to continue with the reunion and to purchase head stones for family members long gone.

The raffle consists of fun things that have been donated. Mostly stuff that I am really happy that I DIDN’T win. Although I’m still a little bitter that I didn’t get one of my Mom’s kitchen towels this year. Yes, she will make one for me, but that’s not the point.

But… I did get the best item in the raffle. It’s a beautiful crocheted hot pad from my Aunt Linda’s cedar chest. She passed not too long ago, so it’s very dear to me. I’m a crochet-er so I know what kind of work goes into something like this…. And it’s beautiful.

I was inspired to create a papercut design from this little piece of crocheted art.  Papercutting looks a lot like a doily a good share of the time, so it’s no wonder I was inspired.

I would like to share this little bit of my family with you. It’s a free download, so please PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Currently there are no vector files for this. You can import and trace it yourself in your cutting software, but I encourage you to slow down and take the time to cut it by hand.
Template size is approximately 8 x 8″
Some colored infills would be pretty with this too, as the crocheted piece is very colorful.

Crochet Mandala JPG (410 downloads ) Crochet Mandala PDF (419 downloads )

I hope you’ll download and try your hand with this template. It looks very complicated, but the mostly straight lines make it easy to cut by hand.

Please share! Sharing my designs in your groups and with friends is so appreciated.

It's Rebecka Hathaway

It's Rebecka Hathaway

Artist - Dog Mom - Maker of Things

Kidnapped at a very early age and forced to live among humans, I’m on a continued quest to return to the magical world from whence I came.
Just kidding. (Maybe)
I’m sitting here in my little house drawing and doing geeky computer stuff to share with you so you can make pretty things too
Everybody’s an artist. Let’s be artists together.


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