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Papercutting tools and supplies. The things that I use most for hand cutting

I am often asked what paper I use and recommend. 
Here’s a list of my tried and true go-to items.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, you’ll have to click the links to see photos and prices.  Most of these links are from Amazon. I live in the sticks, so it’s the most convenient for me to utilize stores that ship.


Neenah White 67lb vellum surface. 
I use this paper for so many things.
Coloring pages- it takes colored pencil like a boss!
I use it for test cutting with my machine and of course for hand cutting single and multi layer shadowboxes.
I buy the 11 x 17 ream and use them big or cut the sheets down.  For hand cutting, f I need a colored or black layer I spray paint the sheet after printing and before cutting.
Purchase from Amazon HERE

Fabriano Pastel Paper – Black, White, and Cream
It comes in a large sheet available at Dick Blick art supply online or in their stores.

Silhouette Black Paper
Very thin and delicate. Sooty black on one side and a grayish color on the back. I like this for very detailed hand cutting.  This is the paper I used in the photo at the top of this page.
Find it here on Amazon or at Dick Blick

Canson Drawing Paper
So many colors! It cuts well with a knife and is stiff enough for shadowboxes.
Find it at Dick Blick  and at Michael’s

So… Silk Paper
Many beautiful colors and it cuts like butter with your knife.
It’s a little hard to source in the US. I have found it here:
The Envelope Supplier

Paper Story UK – so many kinds of paper and drawing tools.
If you live outside of the US and Canada you can order from  these amazing folks. Who will answer all of your papercutting questions. Follow them on Facebook cuz they’re just that awesome.
Paper Story  UK

Knives and Cutting Blades

The key to getting a nice clean papercut is changing your blade often. After a bit of practice you’ll be able to feel the blade dragging or even hear it make a crunchy sound – that’s how you know you need to change your blade. 30 minutes is a good rule of thumb unless you’re really slow.
I buy my blades in boxes of 100 and will usually use 3 boxes in a year. Buying the bulk packs is waaaaaaaay cheaper than 5 at a time.

Excel #11 blades are my cutting blade of choice. The tips don’t break off and they hold their edge well.
Get them on Amazon or from Excel’s website

I also use these #11 blades from Amazon when I’m feeling thrifty. They hold up well, cost a little less and who doesn’t love a bargain?Krylon Spray Paint

Swann Norton #11 blades.  Papercutting is big in the UK and the most popular blade and the one they all swear by is Swann Norton scalpel blades.  I’ve tried them and I like them but still prefer Excel. I think it’s a matter of preference and what you get used to.  
You can usually find them on Amazon or Paperstory if you want to give them a try.

Knife handle:
When it comes to your cutting knife – comfort is king.  That cheap skinny aluminum knife makes my hands tired in a hurry (and it turns your finger black)
So I am always trying to knives.
My favorite is this Xacto brand black  knife blade holder from Amazon. Love it.  
I also use this Excel handle a lot and I know it’s popular among paper cutters.

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It's Rebecka Hathaway

It's Rebecka Hathaway

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